A new clinic offering affordable and personalized healthcare for you and your family!

Innovation Family Medical Care is a pioneering clinic offering direct primary care in northeast Springfield. We provide compassionate, collaborative, and personalized healthcare by developing relationships with our patients and improving access to your doctor.

We recognize achieving a personalized approach is difficult. Our clinic emphasizes more time with your doctor to develop a meaningful relationship.

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You should become a member, here’s why!

Many people think of health care as just a series of clinic visits. When they become ill or need something fixed, they make a clinic appointment to get the problem resolved, then go about their way until the next problem occurs. When viewed as a series of clinic visits, many may not see the value of a membership and may wonder if it is right for them.

We believe that health care is really a relationship. When health care is viewed as a relationship, you can get get so much more from your health care. With a membership, we believe you can get the health care you want and truly deserve.

You get more time with your doctor to address all your needs

In traditional medical clinics, doctors are rushed from visit to visit. They have little time to spend with patients and rarely can cover all your health needs. With a membership, you allow your doctor to spend more time with you to really understand your needs and what’s important to you.

You get as many clinic visits as you need at no additional cost

When you have to pay for every visit, people are less likely to use the doctor when they need to. We want to make sure that you have the chance to keep your health on track without worrying about paying more. You can even make a visit for concerns you didn’t have time to discuss before.

You get cell phone access to your doctor, 24/7

Many health problems arise after hours or when you are away. With a membership, you get direct cell phone access to your doctor to answer your questions or help provide treatment. Email, texting, or FaceTime can be an option too. One call might save you an ER visit and that will save you money.

You get a personalized health plan that’s right for you

Since traditional clinics have to rush from visit to visit, when the visit is done, your care is done. As a member, you allow us time to work behind the scenes making your care better. We coordinate your care to find the best resources to reduce your cost and improve the care you receive.

You get huge discounts on labs and clinic procedures

With a membership, there is no mark up of labs and clinic procedures. You allow us to reduce our expenses by eliminating insurance payments and other costs. As a result, we pass on all these savings to you so that you get the best prices for any medical services we provide.

Call or click to get your membership started and get the health care you deserve!

What is direct primary care?

Direct primary care (DPC) describes an alternative approach to the traditional healthcare system and offers an innovative solution to many of the challenges patients face today. It emphasizes:

  • Customized patient care
  • Improved access
  • Affordable healthcare

How does it work?

By eliminating third party payers, i.e. insurance companies, doctors have more time to spend with patients and fewer expenses, a cost saving we can pass along to our patients. In our clinic, we utilize a membership model in which patients pay a monthly rate in exchange for our services.

What does it cost?

At just $60 per month, our membership costs less than most cell phone data plans.

What is included in a membership?

Some of the basic benefits our members enjoy include:

  • As many clinic visits as you need at no additional cost
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Longer visits so you have more time to talk with your doctor
  • 24/7 cell phone access to your doctor
  • Discounted costs for labs and procedures

Do I have to be a member to get an appointment?

No, you can try out our clinic, learn about our model, and meet our doctor on your first visit without any commitment.


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